This neocities site's purpose is mainly to be a wiki for the webcomic series Blood Boy. I will talk about the lore of what's important in the story within the webcomic, because that's good writing, but there will be some fun facts about the characters and about world building that I won't be able to explain in depth without making the whole series 50% exposition. I'll obviously write info boxes in the comic where it makes sense, but anything in depth will be found here. Everything that is put on this neocities website is canon because the very person who's coding this website is the same person who is making the webcomic.

Disclaimer: Despite this being a wiki, Blood Boy is a work in progress. This will mean that there will be some information be edited. Also, I will only upload pages of characters around the time the chracters appear. Any characters that have already appeared but have spoilers behind their true identities will not be uploaded until the story reveals it and there will be a spoiler disclaimer.

Another Note: I'm currently hosting this website for free so there will be traffic issues if Blood Boy becomes popular enough. I hope by the time that happens, there will be a custom 503 error page that lets the user, it includes you, to be able to contact me. I know 5 USD is not much but I only want to pay when I have to. If I had an actual form of income I would immediatly do this already but then at the same time I don't wanna pay for something that flops.

With everything out of the way and enjoy browsing this site! Have fun!